What mesh coil should I get for my vape?

For the vapers who use sub-ohm tank, there are lot of factors that may influence the overall vaping experience. Coil is not the exception. The coil is more likely to be a gatekeeper, directly controlling e-juice compatibility, draw tightness, flavor, cloud production and more. The conventional coil is designed the way very simple; it’s just acting as a heating element by wrapping around the coil in a spring pattern. However, when the mesh coil is introduced, it has solved a lot of limitation and pain points that round wire coils, more importantly, sub-ohm tank is able to compatible with mesh coil, which is capable to fit the socket. As many vape manufacturers have been providing their own line of mesh coils.

FreeMax is wildly known as a pioneer in a particular area of atomization technology with the invention of M Pro, which is the World’s First Double & Triple & Quad & Quintuple Mesh Coil. The flavor of the coil is remarkably clean and dense. It contains with 90% Flax Cotton Fiber and 10% Cotton Fiber, M Pro mesh coil has an average lifespan of about 2-3 weeks, which gives you longer lasting and more satisfying pleasure. You are able to fire your coils more quickly than standard coils, which makes for a more efficient, powerful hit that delivers a good dose of cloud and flavor.

There are five coils available which utilize multi-mesh for vaper’s performance and a SS316L coil for temp control. Each coil has its own recommended wattage settings:

  • Kanthal Single Mesh 0.15ohm Coil – Recommended wattage range of 4 0-70W
  • Kanthal Double Mesh 0.2ohm Coil – Recommended wattage rating of 60-90W
  • Kanthal Triple Mesh 0.15ohm Coil – Recommended wattage rating of 90-110W
  • Kanthal Quad mesh: 0.15 ohm - Recommended wattage rating of 80-120W
  • SS316L Single Mesh 0.12 Coil – Recommended temperature range of 400-530F