Do E-Liquid Expire? & How Do You Store E-liquid?

One of the main components to e-cigarette is e-liquid, Since it is something you’re ingesting in your body, So question that is asked very often is whether e-liquid expire or not. The answer to this question is YES.

About E-Liquid
E-Liquid or E-Juice is the substance that evaporates within the atomizer of your e-cigarette. Using either propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) as a base, flavourings and nicotine are added before being packaged and sold.

Expiry of E-Liquid
Due to a lack of BMA and FDA accreditation, there is no true regulated expiration date for e-liquid. However, the general consensus is that depending on the base and nicotine content, most vape juices last between one and two years. As different flavourings use different chemicals, some e-liquid will most likely last longer than others.

There is a difference in shelf life between PG and VG based e-liquid. Propylene glycol is itself a natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral chemical, helping to prevent degradation over time. VG liquid on the other hand tend to need a little more care when choosing a place to store, as it is more susceptible to bacteria over a long period of time. It is worth noting, however, that both liquids contain nicotine – and as nicotine is susceptible to heat and sunlight, it is important to store both types of e-liquid correctly.

Correct storage of E-Liquid
E-Liquid is a very stable, viscous mixture that is unlikely to go bad in the short-term. But there are certain steps you can take that ensure your vape juice stays viable for as long as possible:

  • Make sure that the receptacle containing the liquid is sealed correctly to prevent air and bacteria from reaching the juice and possibly spoiling it.

  • Find a place to store the liquid that is away from direct sunlight, as infrared light often leads to separation within the mixture.

Does e-liquid go bad if the temperature isn’t right where you’re storing it? Unfortunately yes. Heat can often spoil the e-liquid before the quoted expiration date. The best conditions for e-liquid are within room temperature, or slightly cooler – and try to avoid storing your juice in the fridge.

How would I know that my E-Liquid / E-Juice has started to degrade or expire

  • It will change color, or there will be separation of color. If it is just at the start of this process, you can shake the bottle and if it retains the mixed color after settling down for an hour-or-two, the flavour may not have changed much and you can try using it.
  • Smells different, odd or tastes milder. You can try a bit of juice in with your vaporizer and taste-taste to check if the floavor is considerably different or not. There is no reported harm from trying this flavour that has degraded in taste.
  • Feels like lower nicotine strength. If an old juice provides you with less nicotine than you expect compared to what is indicated on the bottle, it may be an indicator of an e-liquid that has started to degrade. Again, it is likely still good to vape if you are fine with the taste and strength of nicotine.