Cheap SMOK Infinix Pod System Kit For Sale

Hey guys. Today let’s first look at the Infinix Kit by SMOK, it is really a perfect match with my Hex Liquid. If you’re looking to pick up a pod system but want a wider choice of flavors than a closed system device, it is worth your consideration.

SMOK Infinix Kit is a super-compact refillable pod mod designed with absolute simplicity in mind. It is just 11cm tall, making it the perfect size to fit in a pocket or purse. Its unique, ergonomic shape makes it very comfortable to hold, and it can be recharged easily on the go using the USB cable included in your kit. Powering the kit is an integrated 250mAh battery with a range of in-built safety features, including short circuit protection, low voltage protection, and an 8-second cut-off.

Using the SMOK Infinix is as simple as it gets. Just fill up an Infinix pod, slip it into the top of your kit and draw on the mouthpiece; there are no buttons or settings as the Infinix is activated when you inhale on it! Each Infinix pod can hold 2ml of vape juice. To fill up an Infinix pod, remove it from your kit, take the plug out of the side and drip your juice through the pod’s filling slot. Once your pod is full, replace the plug firmly and slot the pod back into your Infinix Kit. Let the kit stand for 2-3 minutes so the wick is saturated, then you’re ready to vape!

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